About (OLD)

Nicole is an introverted mugwump, who finds great joy in reading history books of all sorts, ruminating on spiritual matters, walking in places that are not crowded by homo sapiens, digging mysterious plants into her garden, sampling a little too much red wine and doing her tiny part in making the world a kinder place. Born in Hamburg, Germany, to parents deeply affected by the horrors of WW2 and raised in apartheid South Africa, Nicole’s upbringing has given her a love for “the other” that has seen her become a respected and compassionate voice for justice and human rights. She holds a Bachelor of Theology and Master in History. Her career path includes a 14 year stint as Associate Pastor in a large church in Melbourne, Australia. Nowadays she spends her time on a variety of research and writing projects that she can conduct in her flannel pyjamas surrounded by her fur children.