A number of Nicole’s messages are available to watch on video. Here are links to a few of them:

  • Questions in the Desert. God’s idea about taking the gospel to the ends of the earth was realised with a eunuch and an obedient disciple. Nicole looks at this scandalous story of from Acts 8:26-50 and the questions they shared.
  • The Mother Who Argued with God. In this message, Nicole speaks from Matthew 15 which tells the story of a mother determined to see her daughter whole. Even a silent and impolite Jesus was no match for a mama on a mission.
  • The Joy of Home. Nicole shares a message on the joy of home. Home is a place where people should feel a sense of belonging and where we should find safety.
  • Shabbat – the Call to Rest. We are restless souls that live in a modern world that seeks meaning in activity and busyness. Amidst the wild seas of chaos, Shabbat stands like a solid rock – beckoning us to joy, delight and rest. Learning to listen and reconnect is perhaps one of the greatest challenges of the restless heart.